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I did it, I wrote the fix it fic for ‘Tiny’

Can you guys help me with a title? I need one for FF.net. I’m thinking on continuing this fic, so after every episode I’ll very loosely base my next chapter on it

Please let me know what you think and if I should continue this!

fic’s under the cut

Emma sighed when she opened the door revealing Mr Gold. “We can’t go yet” she said as she walked back into the apartment.

"Oh? And may I ask why?" Rumple leaned onto his walking stick and slowly limped inside behind Emma.

"I need to see Regina before we go" Emma checked into her suitcase and zipped it up. "Henry! You got everything?" the little boy ran down the stairs and nodded eagerly at his blonde mother.

"I do not remember agreeing to you having a plus one. And what on earth do you so urgently need Regina for?" He was getting more irritated and nervous as time went on.

"I am NOT leaving Henry here while Cora’s out and about. And I need to see Regina so I can apologise and tell her where Henry’s gonna be" Emma was desperate to see the former mayor, the last time she saw her, Emma said some things that she now deeply regrets.

"Fair enough. I can purchase another plane ticket. But how do you plan on finding our beloved Queen in such short notice? I am not a fan of waiting, dearie." He tapped his cane lightly on the floor a few times to prove a point; this however did not faze Emma.

"Well for some reason I don’t think people have been looking hard enough. But this time I’m looking; and I will find her" Emma cringed at her choice of words, already sick of hearing it from her parents. You’d think they’d only use that when they have been separated for a long time, but no, if God forbid they are in different rooms, once ‘reunited’ one would announce "I found you!" while the other predictably says "You found me" and it doesn’t end there, this always follows up with a "I will always find you". Emma is sure she hears romantic background music every time they do this, but she may be going a bit crazy; this trip might be good after all.

"Besides" Emma continues; opening the front door "How hard is it to find a former head bitch in charge mayor?" Emma moved her eyes from Gold to the doorway which held the very head bitch in charge Emma was looking for.

Without meaning to, Emma grinned rather goofily at the brunette, and she failed to contain the happiness she felt in seeing Regina again. “Regina” she breathed, and Regina let out a small smile as she lowered her fist; not quite getting a chance to knock. The brunettes face became serious, and she got ready to explain her innocence. But Emma beat her to it.

"No, no you don’t have to explain. We’ve been trying to find you; to apologise" Regina looked more confused every word the blonde said, but kept silent. "Archie is alive, Cora impersonated you and made it look like you killed him…I’m so sorry Regina I-I should of believed you." Regina felt as if a weight had been lifted; Emma knows she’s innocent and she’s sorry.

"I know she impersonated me. She found my hideout and tried to manipulate me onto her side, to get Henry. But- But I am stronger now. I am also smarter. She believes that I am her ally." Emma let out a deep breath.

"Wow, you do keep busy" Emma had trouble wiping the grin off her face so she glanced behind her and remembered that she and Regina are not alone in the room even though it always feels like it "Oh! Henry!" The blonde opened the door wider and stood aside and Regina took a few tentative steps forward. Henry came barrelling into her and she accepted the embrace; relief evident on her face.

"Sorry to interrupt this heart-warming family reunion, but we must be going. Now." Rumple made himself known to the rest of the room; causing mother and son to break their embrace.

"Go where?" She said as she noticed the suitcases.

"Ms Swan owed me a favour and now she is paying it. And to do that we need to take a little trip. So if you would be so kind and leave." Rumple gave Regina a small nod and limped to the door.

"Wait. Where? And why is Henry going?"

"I was going to find you to tell you, Regina. I want to take Henry because I don’t want to leave him here with Cora lurking around" Regina understood that, with Henry out of Cora’s reach that leaves one less thing for her to worry about. Making a decision; Regina turned to Emma.

"Very well. I shall accompany you also. Cora cannot cross the town line and I can use this to gain her trust by telling her that this is ‘getting to know the enemy’"

"How can you go across the town line?"

Regina smirked “I only have one set of memories. And I know my curse. I may not of created it but I know it’s terms and conditions.”

"Excuse me. This is not a family outing. I can allow the boy but that. is. it." Regina continued to smirk as purple smoke whirled around her form. A few minutes of silence passed as the three in the room had no idea why Regina poofed out.

She reappeared, suitcase in hand, smirk still intact. “I’ll buy my own plane ticket. Now, we must be going or we will miss the flight” Henry grinned at his Mom and slipped his hand into hers, earning a warm smile from Regina. “That was awesome! You know…maybe magic isn’t all that bad.”

Emma smiled at the two, weirdly happy that they are reunited. Rumple grumbled to himself, realising that he has no choice in the matter and there is no time for arguments.


In the car, Emma rode up front with Rumple while Regina and Henry sat in the backseat. Through the trip towards the town line, Henry grilled Rumple with many, many questions, leaving the older man thoroughly agitated. This amused the two women in the car greatly, even sharing a few glances and chuckles.

As they approached the town line, Henry once again took hold of Regina’s hand. “I’ll be fine, dear” she said, squeezing his hand lightly before loosening her grip; allowing him to let go. He doesn’t let go. This little act caused the brunette to swallow the lump in her throat.

After crossing the town line and assuring that everyone remembered who they are, they carried on their journey to the airport.

“And what is your grand plan, Rumple? Appear suddenly in this poor boys life and announce that you’re his parent. Oh this sounds familiar” Regina gave a playful glare to her son and then Emma; who has turned slightly in her seat to see her.

“Hey! That was the other way around!” oh, she missed this, the banter that she had so effortlessly with Regina. Although now it has turned more playful, she mused, perhaps they’ve grown as people Emma chuckled quietly at herself.

Rumple seemed to ignore the other three in the car; having elected to tune their voices out after question number 56 from Henry. The three conversed easily, Henry being the topic and leader of the conversations of course. All too soon they arrived at the airport.

Emma felt as if she was parenting three curious children. None of the others had ever stepped out of Storybrooke and so everything is new to them. Henry kept hold of Regina’s hand who gladly let herself be led by her son who dragged her to anything that excited him; which meant pretty much everything. Rumple, on the other hand, was slowly walking behind the group, looking spooked; this was a man completely out of his comfort zone.

After the scare at the metal detectors (and Emma got Regina to apologise to the man she called a ‘lowly peasant’) Rumple went into the toilets, leaving the Swan-Mills family waiting outside.

“This is fun” Henry hadn’t stopped grinning since he got into the airport “We need to have more adventures together! Isn’t it more fun on the good side Mom?” the picture of pure innocence; Henry tilted his head to one side slightly as he waited for Regina to answer.

“It sure is” She smiled at him and smoothed down his hair “Mr Gold is taking quite a while; you should check on him dear” He nodded and sped off to the male toilets.

“He is such a good kid” Emma smiled; looking in the direction Henry went.

“I know” Regina mimicked Emma, and to any passers-by, they looked like proud parents, together. And they are. It’s just a lot more complicated than that.

When they boarded the plane Henry demanded he get a window seat and Regina pleaded to Emma with her eyes that she seats next to him. Emma nodded kindly and ended up on the other side of Regina.

“Mr Gold? You’re seats just there” the flight attendant pointed out and added apologetically “I’m sorry that you can’t be seated with your family”

“They’re not-” Rumple sighed and sat down “never mind”

Regina refrained from scolding Henry for eating too much sugar; she hasn’t seen him this happy in her presence for a long time and she wants to keep it this way for as long as possible.

“Cinnabon?” Henry offered the brunette; who politely declined. Henry extended his offer to his blonde mother who happily accepted. While the two ate, Regina saw just how alike the two are. But when Henry finished and asked for a napkin while Emma simply wiped her hands on her jeans Regina noticed that not everything is genetic.

Not long into the flight Henry came down from his high and fell asleep. Regina draped her long black coat over him.

“Are you okay?” came the hushed question from the blonde.

“Better than I have been in a while” she answered honestly, still looking down at her sleeping son.

“David told me about- well I say tell he mentioned about um some of the stuff you’ve been through while I was at your old land” Regina tensed, it seemed that everyone thought it was okay to talk about the Evil Queen in her absence.

“Oh.” The reply was said through clenched teeth.

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I-I wouldn’t of been able to do it…you…you’re really brave and strong, Regina. I’m…glad you’re the one who brought up our son” the words shocked Regina, and she turned to look into Emma’s sincere emerald eyes. A small smile appeared on Emma’s face and Regina slowly returned it. The brunette caught herself and looked away again, stroking her son’s hair for something to occupy her with. The small smile stayed on her face, maybe Dr Hopper was right. Maybe Emma Swan can save me too.

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